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We're excited to continue our monthly event series, featuring luncheons, conferences, and panel discussions. This season, we're focusing on the theme of "Plug AI to your business" Join us for our upcoming conference titled "AI: Employee of the year" where we'll be delighted to host several experts who will share their invaluable experiences in this field.

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AI: Employee of the Year?

Theme: Plug AI to your Business Date: October 2023 Location: Résidence de France of Ho Chi Minh City

La French Tech Vietnam and CCI France Vietnam - CCIFV are joining forces to organize an event dedicated to the signing of their Memorandum of Understanding 🤝 on October 17th, 2023 at 6pm.

This event will shed light on the impact of #AI on business, how AI is transforming industries, unleashing new opportunities, and redefining the way we do business. Gain insights from leading experts in the field who will share their knowledge and experiences on harnessing AI's potential.

From automation and data analytics to customer experience and market predictions, this event will delve into the countless ways AI is revolutionizing the business landscape.During the event, participants will hear from 👇 Bruno Sivanandan-Roques de Borda, Chairman of the DSC at EuroCham and founder of CycleMarc Chervalier&Dung Tran, cofounders of Legback Quan Nguyen, AI product owner at Zalo AI & founder of Virtual InteractiveTram Anh Nguyen, AI consultant and former COO at HekateWe invite you to be a part of this occasion, engage in stimulating discussions, expand your network, and discover exciting opportunities for collaboration. The event will conclude with a networking cocktail 🥂 where you can connect with like-minded individuals and forge valuable connections.

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Theme: How emerging tech & startups Date: December 2022 Location: Wink Hotel Saigon Centre

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