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French Tech:
Global synergy

French Tech symbolizes a dynamic meeting point of startups, investors, policymakers, and community enthusiasts. Through a rich tapestry of programs and events, it propels the aspirations and growth of startups.

By offering financing avenues, policy initiatives, and weaving a global network of French Tech communities, this movement champions entrepreneurial endeavors across the world.

Nurturing Entrepreneurial Excellence

FrenchTech Vietnam unites fervent French entrepreneurs across Da Nang, Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh City. We facilitate success in this demanding global market by offering expansive networking opportunities and sharing proven strategies.

Immediate Networking

Chat directly with fellow members through our Whatsapp group, email, or phone.

Community Events

Network with like-minded individuals at local conferences, social mixers, and specialized community activities!

Workforce Solutions

Find your next top employee through our career fairs and job boards.

Capital Matchmaking

We facilitate connections between French startups and Vietnam VCs to ensure the perfect fit.

Resource Hub

Tap into a wealth of knowledge through our comprehensive collection of content, how-to guides, and strategic playbooks.

Skill-Building Workshops

Enhance your professional skills with workshops on topics like leadership, coding, and marketing.

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We are united by the belief that through sharing, supporting, and inspiring, we can reshape the world. Our mission is to empower French Tech entrepreneurs and businesses, fostering their growth and expanding their network in Vietnam.

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