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What is French Tech?

"La French Tech" is the French movement of startups. It is an ecosystem that brings together startups, as well as investors, decision-makers, and community builders. Mission: to make France one of the most attractive countries in the world for startups that want to launch, conquer international markets, and build a meaningful future.

What is a startup?

A startup is a young and innovative company, searching for a scalable and reproducible business model. Startups exist in all sectors of activity, not exclusively in the digital field. Not considered as startups are communication agencies, large groups, consulting firms, digital service companies (ESN), and liberal professions.

How can French Tech Vietnam help my startup?

As a true gateway to the Vietnam startup ecosystem, we help project leaders, startups, and scale-ups to orient themselves. French Tech Vietnam thus makes more than 2500 connections per year (financing, recruitment, support, business...). The association also organizes events aimed at bringing together the ecosystem and developing the network of startups; but also larger events to highlight and promote Vietnam and the dynamism of its startups. French Tech Vietnam also enjoys a strong presence on social networks and through its newsletter, which benefits the startups of the ecosystem. Finally, the association deploys national French Tech programs such as French Tech Tremplin, French Tech 120, etc., across the Vietnam.

Are the services of French Tech Vietnam paid?

The services of French Tech Vietnam are free; however, some benefits are reserved for members of the association, namely: posting job offers on the site and access to preferential rates for events/exhibitions/partner services.

How to get my startup labeled?

In reality, the French Tech label does not exist for startups, except for special programs like French Tech 120 or French Tech Tremplin. The French Tech label was initiated by the Ministry of Economy to promote innovative and dynamic territories in terms of creating companies with high growth potential. However, the French Tech brand encompasses all French startups that can brandish this "standard" on all their communication media, provided they meet the definition of a startup (see FAQ What is a startup?). The kit with the logo is also available for free download here!