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Branding: The Soul of Your Startup

Branding: The Soul of Your Startup

Masterclass in French language.

Join an exclusive session with Rudy Matias, president / brand designer of the VEHEA design agency.

With over two decades of experience in branding, Rudy has shaped his unique expertise around a central concept: anticipatory branding.
Having collaborated with numerous major global brands, he actualized his vision by founding VEHEA in 2019.

This 360° agency stands out for its ability to guide businesses, not only in crafting a compelling visual identity but also in developing a robust image strategy.
During this masterclass, Rudy Matias will engage in a Q&A session, offering a unique opportunity to interact directly with him. He will also share his tried-and-true methods for selecting the optimal branding for your business. Discover why choosing your branding isn't just about aesthetics but is a vital cornerstone for the success and longevity of your enterprise.

Don't miss this chance to learn from a branding expert and equip your business with an identity that sets it apart in the market.

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